Venue and Location


ICC Jeju is in the Jungmun Tourist Complex, next to the seaside of the southern part of the island. The convention center will be solely used by ISE during the conference. It has the additional facilities of a restaurant, food court, bank, Jeju specialty store, and duty-free shop


Jeju Island in late August to early September experiences a subtropical climate. The average daytime tempera- tures are around 22°C and 28°C.


Jeju Island is volcanic, with the 1,950 m Mt. Halla in its center, and scattered with 360 satellite volcanoes. The Island comprises forests and valleys rich with fauna and ora, magni cent rocks and ponds, and secondary volcanoes and craters. Surrounded by the sea, these landscapes include ocean views, waterfalls, rugged coastlines, and sandy beaches, which contribute to the island’s picturesque scenery and natural beauty. The Island also offers unique experiences for tourists with its distinct historical sites and relics, indigenous industries, folk customs, and spiritual culture. UNESCO has designated Jeju Island as Biosphere Reserve, World Natural Heritage and Global Geopark. Many hiking routes and trails are available to visit and enjoy, including the olle hiking trails with their 26 routes covering the 400 km coast. Route 8 can be directly accessed from the convention center. Visitors also enjoy leisure sports activities such as biking, golf, scuba diving and paragliding. Car rental, taxies and public buses are available at reasonable cost.