Presentation Guide


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Since the whole meeting will be hybrid, i.e. the participants will be attending both on-site and also online we need to ensure that the content of your presentation is available to all participants regardless of their mode of participation. To be able to make your presentation available to online participants we will need a recorded version of your oral presentation. Please note that all contributions will remain available to all participants during the whole duration of the conference. All contributions, therefore, need to be uploaded before the conference.

All presentations must be uploaded as a video file in mp4 (16:9) format the size of which does not exceed 500 MB. The presenting authors are fully responsible for the quality and accuracy of the uploaded content. Although you may record your presentation with any software or method that you have at your disposal we strongly encourage you to use presentation program like a Power point. A guide on how to record a PowerPoint's record slide show with narration with a voice-over or a in-screen video of yourself can be found here :

In PowerPoint for Mac, only audio (not in-screen video) narration is available, so you may want to try an alternative for video narration, for example :

All pre-recorded presentations must be uploaded via Conference web app . The deadline for uploading the contributions is August 15 2021. All presentations, including plenary, keynote, invited, oral, poster, must be pre-recorded and uploaded through the Conference web app before this date to be included in the program.

Link to activate your account and upload your presentation:

Uploaded presentations have to adhere to the following specifications :
a) Maximum duration 50 minutes for Plenary, 30 minutes for Keynote, 15 minutes for an oral, 5 minutes for a poster.
b) Maximum size: 500 MB
c) mp4 format

For onsite participant:

Printed poster format must be vertical 120 cm / 90 cm