We warmly invite you to the 72nd Annual ISE Meeting to be held in Jeju Island, Korea from 29th August to 3th September 2021. Jeju Island is the most popular tourist area in Korea and the venue, the “International Conference Center Jeju (ICC Jeju)” is located at the southern side of the Island. You can enjoy scientific discussion, networking, hiking, and seaside activities during the conference. We previously successfully hosted (2005) the 56th ISE meeting in Busan, Korea and we are sure that the Jeju meeting will be another fruitful and successful conference. The Fall Korean Electrochemical Society (KECS) meeting will be merged into the 72nd Annual ISE Meeting to gather the community into a single conference. The meeting topics will extend from the fundamental understanding of electrochemical sciences to the foremost electrochemical technologies for the products and processes with societal impact. Jeju Island has visa-free entry and may be reached easily from Japan, China, and Taiwan through ten domestic and sixteen international air- routes. We hope you will attend ISE 2021 for its high quality scientific program, its social networking, and will leave with wonderful memories.

Brief Guideline for the Speakers for the 72nd ISE Annual Meeting in Jeju

Format of the Meeting - Hybrid (on-site and online)
Unfortunately the current Covid-19 pandemic forces us to amend the usual way in which the ISE Annual meetings are organized and the Jeju meeting will be organized in a hybrid way. It means the submitted papers will be presented both on-site in Jeju, for those who will be able to travel to Korea this Fall, and also online for the colleagues who will be unable to travel because of pandemic restrictions. Due to this fact the meeting will be organized in such a way that all presented papers will be available to all registered participants during the conference.

Requirement of Pre-recorded and uploaded
All presentations, including plenary, keynote, invited, oral, poster, must be pre-recorded and uploaded through the ISE submission system no later than two weeks before the meeting to be included in the programThey will be available to the registered participants during the conference week.

Copyright issues
The ISE assumes that the presenting authors are holding the copyright to all information shown in their presentations. The ISE will allow the dissemination of the presentations to meeting participants under Creative Common BY-NC-ND license, which will expire at the end of the meeting. It is for protecting the right of authors during the meeting and the detailed license agreement is on the webpage of ISE.

Registration fee
Due to the hybrid nature of the meeting there will be two sets of registration fees differentiating between different costs of participation onsite and online. To reflect the volatile situation, which complicates the planning of travel, we will adopt a flexible approach, which will allow to change the type of the registration from online to onsite until 2 weeks before the meeting.